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Shana R. Baril

My love for the art of visual storytelling, both the technical and emotional elements, is grounded in many moments of my journey. The first spark ignited as a kid, sitting beside my dad watching films, captivated by the technical magic of what I saw on the screen, even noticing when continuities in a scene were wrong (that love of detail started young!). But, the turning point was during my time working in a DVD and tape distribution center where I recognized I wanted to be the one to create the videos, not just replicate them.

With that realization, my path next brought me to Marquette, MI where I finished my bachelor’s degree at Northern Michigan University. Driven by ambition, I worked at the local TV station at night and studied Digital Cinema by day. I finished my degree in only 2 years and hit the ground running accepting my first job the day before I graduated. As a Video Producer in a small community, I wrote scripts, hired actors, provided props, shot videos and edited the final pieces. It was an invaluable experience that helped transform my initial love for the technical aspects of video production into what is now my full-fledged passion for emotionally driven, visual storytelling.


These days, as a freelancer, you’ll find me pursuing the next great story to tell, adding to my skillset toolbox or simply expressing my creative side in my home studio (jewelry making, writing…does coffee drinking count?). And when I’m not there, I’m off on an amazing adventure with my son and husband.


Are you ready for an adventure too?

Give me a call and let’s bring your story to life.